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Music is more than a melody, it’s a stamp on time, the type that pulsates with passionate emotion as it marinates your soul. For those lucky enough to experience the movement of music and the impact lyrics can have on your perspective, it’s a part of life that you couldn’t bear to lose. And for us true believers, the place of worship is a live show. I would traverse oceans, endure economy travel, and camping with thousands of hipsters, all in the pursuit of live music. It’s true – and a bit sad too. I wouldn’t do that for some of the people in my life, but I would do it with a smile on my face for some of my favorite bands.

I’m an Audiophile. It sounds so elitist, but I said it!

Live music is a large part of who I am as a person, and for a while I made it my purpose in life. Fortunately, for the rest of the world (you’re welcome) I learned early on that my music making prowess wasn’t going to take me on a world tour anytime soon, or ever for that matter. But then I discovered there were a ton of people working in music that weren’t performers – score! This led to me working in music promotions throughout college, and attending some amazing events as a result. Sadly, I didn’t end up in the music industry, but as they say “you can take the girl out of the music, but you can’t take the music out of the girl.”

I’ve accepted that I will never give to the world what the bands I revere did, but I’ve sacrificed for the cause on occasions, and will continue to do so as long as I can.

Paul Banks - Interpol - House of Blues - Orlando

I like to stand right up front with Paul Banks starts to sing. I swear he is singing to me.

Growing up my parents were those people – you know them – the ones you see at a concert and think: oh, you brought a child to a Pink Floyd concert, great idea. But it was a great idea! Attending that Pink Floyd concert, before I was old enough to wear make-up (I know, hilarious, I could go to a Pink Floyd concert, but wasn’t allowed to wear make-up), is stamped on my timeline the way another might stamp a marriage, or the birth of a child. They might not seem like worthy comparisons, but to each his own.

Okay, so I’ve never been married, or had a child, but the way people describe it makes me believe it’s no different.

I make these comparisons because they are life altering events. They touch your soul and instill a drive that is unmatched by most things in life. I’m not sure I would ever die for music, although, I have found myself in physical pain a time or two. What I’m saying is: music has this way of capturing a moment, unlike anything else. It rings in your ears while you mind drifts off to relive those moments that define you.

I would be lying if I said I don’t care how I listen to music – and so would anyone who claims to be a music lover. It equates to the difference between seeing an original Degas and seeing a picture of it on the internet – the delivery makes a difference. The original affords you the ability to see each brush stroke while examining the layers of color, and the zest of life the experience evokes. On the other hand, when you view it on the internet you can appreciate the beauty, but it can’t possibly take on the life that the original would supply. Music is similar – with one added bonus – it’s ever evolving. Each live show holds the ability to change anyone’s life.

Jannus Live - Saint Petersburg

The calm before the storm.

I’ve seen bands in many different venues, across the span of their career, and one thing I know is that each show is different. Each time I purchase a ticket I look forward to what might happen, and how it will stamp my soul. I will remember them all; from the time I saw Vanilla Ice (during his metal days) at a dive bar in Tallahassee, to the time I scored tickets to a free Dave Matthews Band show in Central Park. I walked out of there thinking I had just experienced a tiny piece of heaven. To this day I hope that when I die I will be transported to a Dave Matthews show in the sky. And more than that I’m hoping that my next journey to see The Killers, in their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, will be just as memorable as the rest.

That is why I would travel around the world for live music.

Take a peek at my first live show of 2016, where I discovered Dropin Pickup at the 97x Free for All at Jannus Live in Saint Petersburg, Fl.



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